Customer Testimonials

I was worried this would be smelly stuff. Another product I'd used smelled terrible and didn't end up doing anything. But Robelyn's Cellulite Treatment has a pleasant light scent that smells very clean. I'm seeing good results on my legs and buttocks but hope things get better under my upper arms too. It definitely looks improved but I was hoping I'd feel more comfortable in tank tops and shorts this year. It's only been a few weeks so hopefully things will continue to smooth and firm.
~ S. Underwoods
I'm a new mom and a waitress. If it weren't for your pain gel I'd be balled up each evening as my husband tried to rub my leg cramps away. But since I've tried this my legs don't bother as much after a long shift. And I'm able to enjoy my playtime with my beautiful daughter
~ S. Robbins
​Variclear helped improve the thin but bright red and purple blood vessels around my nose. I'm Irish in my ancestors and apparently the redness and veins on our noses and cheeks are prevalent in my family. I first noticed the red lines when I turned 30 and they got worse over time. After concealing them for so long I looked around for a solution for spider veins. AFter trying a few I found Variclear and it worked wonderfully. My sister is now using it too after she saw how good my nose and cheeks looked now. I think everyone in my family is getting it for Christmas this year.
~ Sally A.
So after a while I decided to look into getting rid of them. I finally tried variclear and was surprised at how well it worked. So many other things had failed that I'd just about given up hope. But my shoulder is barely noticeable now and I've even helped the veins on my legs look better. I recommend variclare to all my ex-mail buddies now.
~ Marcus
When i was pregnant with twins, my first fear was stretch marks. i could not imagine the any where on my body. so I went on the internet searching, and found elastin 3. I got a tube when I was almost 4 months pregnant and had to buy another before I had the babies. I used it BID and finally had no stretch marks. You will never believed I had twins. After I had the babies I still had half a tube left and so I finished it. It is also good for recovery after pregnancy. Thanks Robelyn lab. I never knew I would say this about any lotion or cream but elastin 3 is awesome
~ Rosaline Achumuma
I had heard a lot about Elastin3 from my friends who had used it with good results. So when I   was finally ready to do something about my stretch marks I used Elastin3. I used it for 3 months and my stretch marks have all but disappeared. I am continuing to use it so that I don't get any new ones now that also trying to loss some weight.
~ Georgian Crysty
This product is phenomenal. I have been using it for about a month and the results are unbelievable. I had bad stretch marks from three previous pregnancies and I wanted a product to prevent further damage. I have no new stretch marks and the existing ones have greatly diminished. My stretch marks have been such an insecurity for me and I considered having surgery after the birth of this baby. If I continue to see such great results with this product than surgery will not be needed. This product has been such a blessing!!! I will definatley recommend it to all of my girlfriends
~ Valerie Stiles
so i started using elastin 3 because a friend recommended it, and i've been using it for 2 weeks now and i am ecstatic with the results that i have been telling everyone about it, i started seeing results in the first week of using it .. and my husband has also noticed the results ... he hasnt seen my stomach much after i had our child so when he said that its actually lightening up it made me even happier
~ Aimee Kinsey
I used Elastin 3 faithfully everyday for 5 weeks and really saw a change in my stretch marks. I am an African American female who has had stretch mark problems for quite some time now and not due to pregnancy. I'm glad it worked and it was well worth the $69.
~ Leah Thorpe

“I have only used Elastin3 for a week and a half now and I can already see and feel a change in my skin…”

~Taylor Hill