Why Choose Robelyn Labs?

Why Choose Robelyn Labs?

Founded in 2005, Robelyn Labs is focused on creating safe, effective maternity skin care. Our products address the common skin conditions and ailments suffered during pregnancy. Each of our formulas uses the highest-grade, time-tested ingredients to provide high potency results with minimal side effects.

We use our own products

Initially, Robelyn Labs was started because our founder’s daughter couldn’t find affordable, effective skin care during her first pregnancy. Our founders did their research and developed the first few products to alleviate her symptoms and issues. Throughout her first pregnancy and each subsequent pregnancy, our founder’s daughter has continued to use Robelyn Labs skin care.

The use of Robelyn products isn’t limited to management. Each employee is happily provided Robelyn skin care when one of their family members is expecting. And each new product is tested first among our employees and management before it ever reaches wider testing. By using each product and self-testing each new formula, we know and can guarantee they’re safe and effective - or we don’t make them.

We demand potent, proven ingredients

Our formulas use only the highest potency ingredients that have demonstrated results and effectiveness. We import rare, freeze-dried powdered Elastin concentrate which has an almost 100% Amino acid content, making it 10 times more potent than standard elastin products. Our hydrolyzed collagen, a form of collagen that’s processed into smaller molecules, allows better absorption, deeper into the epidermis. Similarly, we’re constantly exploring the latest innovations in cosmeceutical ingredients - though we test and examine each carefully to ensure it’s safe for use during pregnancy.

“After my first child I got a lot of stretch marks on my stomach and breasts. When I became pregnant the…”