Customer Testimonials

I've always had blotchy skin. I chalked it up to genetics and lived with it. But after my pregnancy when my spots got very much darker I became very unhappy after they didn't fade. In fact, I felt like some bizzare spotted animal. I tried a few drug store products but they did nothing. So I actually asked for help from Robelyn since I had used their cream to treat my stretchmarks. They sent me a prototype of this to test. I was very excited. But not nearly as much as when my splotchy skin began to fade and rreturn to normal. So thanks Robelyn!
~ S M
I was an early tester with this product and can say with confidence it truly helped my too hot to exist moments during my latest pregnancy. When I felt my nausea coming on and started to feel that too warm feeling I spritzed a few sprays on to my neck and decollete and I was able to curtail that hot feeling.
~ Bettty J
I used this product for 2 months and 16 days the result is amazing I have before and after pictures.. I wonder how can I post it to this website? I ordered a second bottle and I will continue to use it until it all gone. I'm glad I found this product.
~ Josefa S
Great product that didn't bother my nose when I was pregnant. I wasn't going to give up my high heels at work until I had too and this helped me make it until my sixth month. So thanks.
~ Jill N
During my first pregnancy I was fit and trim. But by my second time and a two year old had taken its toll. So I wasn't in my best shape and I gain too much weight. This led to really, really bad lower back pain. On a whim, when ordering my Elastin3 cream I added this to my cart. It was fantasitc! I slathered it on most mornings and nights and it helped to keep my aching back soothed. It also helped to calm my legs too when I started running to get in shape after I delivered.
~ Beth M.
I didn't really try this during my pregnancy but ordered it afterwards after someone in my Mommy and Me group recommended it. We were walking twice a week to get in shape and when I complained my feet hurt they suggested I try it. And it really did help. I really enjoyed the cool fresh feeling when you first put it on. Though be warned don't put it on your feet in yoru bathroom if its a tile floor your feet are very slippery at first.
~ R. Johnson
It definitely tingles when you put it on but it's a good tingle. It made my sore tired feet feel 100% better. My feet swelled a whole size and I was reduced to wearing one pair of flat sneakers as they were the only things my feet would fit in and felt good. But even then I was still hurting. But I tired this and it really helped a lot.
~ Jackie V
I've been a big fan of Robleyn since their original Elasstin3 helped get rid of my stretch marks. But it wasn't until I tried the pain gel that I became a super fan. It works so much better than the other store brand pain creams and it didn't smell bad. It simply helps cool then warm your aching muscles and joints. After carrying around my toddler all day it's a godsend at night. Thanks!
~ Becky Tyler
My existing stretch marks actually got better as my second pregnancy progressed - while I was using the Elastin3.
~ Cheri M

“Thank you so much. I have been very pleased with your product for stretch marks. I also really appreciate…”

~Vanessa Giambalvo