Customer Testimonials

After working as a waitress for years my legs had the tell tale signs. My varicose veins became even worse after my second child. It was so bad I was embarrassed to wear shorts. But a friend gave me variclear as a gift. After using it for 30 days I saw a good amount of improvement and ordered a second jar. I've been using it regularly now for a few months and i feel comfortable enough now to wear shorts this year.
~ Kathy P.
When I got home I went online and ordered it. It's been abotu a month now and I'm loving the results so far. I hope they keep getting better. My cellulite is definitely better and my legs and butt seem a little tighter too. I had tried a few things I bought at the drug store but this seems to work so much better.
~ Jennifer B
My husband got this for me as a gag gift. He says I don't have any cellulite but I see it every time I look in the mirror. But I'm the one who's had the last laugh. After using this for only two weeks on my saddle bags he now admits my legs look way better. The dimpling and bumpies I kept seeing in the mirror are gone. And my legs feel and look smoother overall. So thanks, gag gift or not, this stuff works terrifc!
~ Wendy R
I used Elastin3 stretch mark therapy since I was 2 months pregnant. I was prone to stretch marks after I lost weight in High School so I didn't want any more. Elastin3 prevented stretch marks from forming and I was able to regain my pre-baby body right away! Elastin3, I thank you and my husband thanks you!
~ Brandy J
Our special Mother's Day Gift Set combines all our top, advanced maternity skin care products. It will certainly delight any recipient whether they're a mommy-to-be, a new mom, or a mommy veteran.
~ Bob Walters
I tried this via after reading a blogger I follow mentioned it. And it worked well on my stretch marks from my first pregnancy.
~ Sally M
I love this product. Every time I'm invited to a baby shower I order one and give it as a gift.
~ Betty D
This makes a terrific gift for anyone who's expecting. I've given to folks at various baby showers already also!
~ Cindy G
After my second pregnancy I continued to gain lots of weight. Two kids, no sleep, led to overeating. I knew it but let it happen. Fortunately, after about two years I kicked myself into shape and lost most of the weight. But one thing that just wouldn't go away was the ripples on my thighs. No matter what I did, how much I exercised they just kept jiggling.
~ Jo Anne G

“I used this product for 2 months and 16 days the result is amazing I have before and after pictures..…”

~Josefa S