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After my second pregnancy I continued to gain lots of weight. Two kids, no sleep, led to overeating. I knew it but let it happen. Fortunately, after about two years I kicked myself into shape and lost most of the weight. But one thing that just wouldn't go away was the ripples on my thighs. No matter what I did, how much I exercised they just kept jiggling.

I tried creams and special workout pants that were suppose to burn fat and cellulite. But nothing seemed to work. Finally a friend told me about Robelyn's Cellulite Treatment. I was skeptical.

But I can say I'm truly impressed with the results. Way less dimpling and a lot less jiggling. I'm still not 100% happy so I'll keep applying Robelyn's Cellulite Treatment twice a day and hope I keep seeing less cellulite. But so far so good!

~ Jo Anne G

“So after a while I decided to look into getting rid of them. I finally tried variclear and was surprised…”