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As a former postal worker of 20 years after I retired I wanted to relax. No more walking or carrying a heavy bag on one shoulder. Yes I got varicose veins on my legs and that bothered me but I figured I'd have to live with it. But the spider veins and marks on my shoulder from carrying the bag is what bothered me. It just looked funny when I took my shirt. I had a roadmap on one side. 

So after a while I decided to look into getting rid of them. I finally tried variclear and was surprised at how well it worked. So many other things had failed that I'd just about given up hope. But my shoulder is barely noticeable now and I've even helped the veins on my legs look better. I recommend variclare to all my ex-mail buddies now.

~ Marcus

“I love Elastin 3. My mother and both my sisters have severe stretch marks from pregnancy. I started using…”

~Sarah J