Customer Testimonials

I'm so amazed with this product, I really thought that it wouldn't work, because I have tried other products before. ElastinMD really lightened my dark stretch marks, & I can`t wait to see more results, I recommend this to everyone.
~ Raelynn V
I bought the elastin 3 a couple of weeks ago for stretch marks i've had for years. it has completely transformed my skin. Not only has it reduced the look and feel of the stretch marks, but it has vastly improved the overall texture of my skin. My skin feels like it did when I was in my teens... i'm 49. I intend to use it on a regular basis!
~ Carol P
I have noticed a difference in my skin just by using Elastin3 twice a day for a few months. I am hoping for pregnancy without any stretchmarks. I have 3 weeks left and so far great news, No Stretchmarks!!! Thank you Robelyn!
~ Paula Doubledee
I started using the ElastinMD and after 6-8 weeks of use I noticed the smoothness of my skin. I have some stretchmark from pregnancy-20 yrs ago and losing weight and have a hard time looking for remedy that works and this is the best I have used so far, a little bit pricey, but your promotional discounts helps. Your representatives are very helpful too. Thank you.
~ Charita R
I am using from 3rd trimester. I had my baby i feel skin is softer and stretch marks did fade as expected results in 30 days.
~ Sireesha Kalluru
I have been using ElastinMD for 3 weeks and it really works!!
My stretch marks started to fade away and it also makes my skin firmer. ElastinMD is really great!!
~ Nicole S
i started using the cream about a month and a half ago. My stretch marks are starting to fade. It feels so soft when you put it on and it smells great!
~ carol allen
I am an esthetician and I am 25 weeks pregnant. I have been searching for a product with collagen, elastin, and a thin consistancy for easy absorbtion. I was thrilled to come across this product! I have just begun using Elastin3 and so far love it! The product arrived promptly and in great condition!
~ Melissa Joachim
This is a very nice cream that spreads well and absorbs quickly into the skin. During my second pregnancy, I was getting stretch marks on the underside of my belly during the last trimester. I feel this cream stopped them from getting worse. The skin also looks and feels smoother and more taunt. I am appling it to older strectch marks on my hips from an earlier pregnancy and they are starting to fade. An added bonus is the nice, clean scent. I do like this product.
~ Susan Ebbs

“So after a while I decided to look into getting rid of them. I finally tried variclear and was surprised…”