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Maternity skin care advice and guidance and general pregnancy and post partum related information.

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5 Things Pregnant Women Should Keep In Mind This Thanksgiving

5 Things Pregnant Women Should Keep In Mind This Thanksgiving

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The Internet and Pregnancy Advice

The Internet and Pregnancy Advice

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Newborn Baby Costumes for Halloween

If you have become a new mother recently and babies first Halloween is around the corner we have gathered some ideas from around the internet for you. What we found is there is definitely not a lack of ways to make your newborn bundle as cute as a button this Halloween.

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Is it safe to eat Halloween Candy while pregnant?

Halloween candy can be enjoyed but you need to make sure you do it in moderation. Sorry girls you don't get to binge out and eat to your hearts content.

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Pregnant Belly Halloween Costumes

Halloween is around the corner and if you happen to be pregnant you might be wondering what kind of creative way you can use your pregnancy to your advantage this year.

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You need maternity clothes, why not rent?

One of the newest trends in maternity clothing is renting instead of buying. Purchasing clothes during pregnancy can become expensive, especially if you

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Stretch mark suffers unite - options abound!

It use to be that if you became pregnant and developed stretch marks you had to grin and bear them for the rest of your life. But no longer. Today there are plenty of options that have proven to be effective at not only preventing stretch marks but also in reducing the appearance or completely removing them.

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Pregnancy Doesn’t Have to Make You Fat

As a general rule you will want to gain about 2 to 4 pound in your first 3 months of pregnancy and then 1 to 1.5 pounds a week thereafter. Of course its important to consult your physician because everyone is different so they will know best what the optimal weight gain for you is personally.

By: M. Simpson / 14 Comments

Stretch mark treatments during pregnancy

If you’re pregnant and want to ensure you don’t get stretch marks there are things you can do to help prevent their occurrence.