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Maternity skin care advice and guidance and general pregnancy and post partum related information.

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Common skin conditions that occur during pregnancy

During pregnancy a women's body is changing dairly, here's a number of skin related conditions you may encounter during your pregnancy.

It’s summer. You’re pregnant. It’s hot. You’re miserable.
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It’s summer. You’re pregnant. It’s hot. You’re miserable.

When you’re pregnant during the summer months it can be extra uncomfortable. The addition of higher temperatures and humidity simply add to the level of discomfort.

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Can stretch marks be removed?

It’s not necessary to undergo a surgeon’s scalpel. There are new, abundant alternatives, from laser treatments to new, potent topical treatments.

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The Myth of Eating For Two

A healthy, balanced diet is especially important during pregnancy: you need to nourish yourself, as well as providing for your developing baby. You shouldn't eat all you want and gain tons of weight.

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Itchy pregnancy skin

As an expectant mother, your body obviously goes through a myriad of changes. In addition to the expected changes (weight gain, fluid retention, morning sickness, etc.), many women experience dry and/or itchy skin.

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How do I remove stretch marks

Today if you have stretch marks the choices for treatment and eradication are numerous.

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Bathing suit season approaches….

Spring is nigh...and for many it’s not the few extra pounds accrued over winter... it’s having to reveal and look at their ugly stretch marks when wearing a swimsuit.

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Stretch mark treatments: topical creams versus laser resurfacing

Which works better for reducing the appearance of stretch marks, topical creams or laser resurfacing?

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Every day should be mother’s day when you have children

Mother’s are celebrated one day every year. But really, our mom’s deserve our appreciation year round.