Elastin is the main ingredient in our skin that allows it to stretch without leaving marks. As we age, our bodies reduce the production of elastin, therefore, making it more difficult for the skin to stretch without producing a stretch mark.

Escin (Aesculus Hippocastanium)

Aesculus Hippocastanium a large deciduous tree, commonly known as horse-chestnut or conker tree has been shown to have venotonic (microcirculation) and anti-edematous (fluid reducing) effects

GHK (TriPeptide-1)

Specific scavenger of certain by-products of lipidic peroxidation

Horse Chestnut / Aescin

Horse Chestnut / Aescin

Aescin, the extract from the dried seeds of the horse-chestnut plant, strengthens blood vessel walls, helping to prevent veins from softening and bulging, says Joseph Pizzorno, Jr., Doctor of Naturopathy and founding president of Bastyr University of Naturopathic Medicine in Seattle. "Horse-chestnut seed extract also reduces inflammation associated with varicose veins and stimulates regeneration of damaged veins," he notes.

Ivy Extract (Hedera Helix)

Hederine an active saponin responsible for blood vessel protection and permeability decrease. Ivy helps reabsorb the edemas present in the initial stages of cellulite.



Soy extracts are now proven to produce amazing skin rejuvenating benefits externally as well as internally. Elastin3 features a complex soy extract like no other product of its kind.


Lipolitic properties by stimulating lipases.

Vitamin P Flavonoids/Bioflavonoids

Vitamin P Flavonoids/Bioflavonoids

Flavonoids/Bioflavonoids are accessory nutrients to form an ascorbic acid or Vitamin C complex. Rutin and hesperidin are part of this Vitamin P group and function synergistically with Vitamin C in regard to maintaining healthy capillaries, to help form collagen in connective tissue, and to help heal wounds.


Leuphasyl®’s mechanism mimics in vitro the natural mechanism of enkephalins: it couples to the enkephalin receptor, on the outside of the nerve cells. When Leuphasyl® couples to the receptor, a conformational change initiates a cascade inside the neuron that results in a decrease of its excitability: the nerve cell’s activity is “turned down” and the release of acetylcholine is modulated. Muscle contraction will be relaxed and therefore, expression wrinkles will be diminished.

“I didn't really try this during my pregnancy but ordered it afterwards after someone in my Mommy and…”

~R. Johnson