Premature ending of a pregnancy that is either induced or spontaneous


Scar tissue that develops on the site of an infection, inflammation, or surgical incision and that can prevent normal egg or sperm passage and/or interfere with zygote implantation.


The absence of menstruation.

Anaerobic Bacteria

A type of bacteria that can survive in an oxygen-poor environment. In the genital tract, some kinds of anaerobic bacteria can cause infections that may lead to infertility.


Hormone that stimulates the activity of the accessory male sex organs and encourages development of male sex characteristics. Also produced in low quantities in females.\r\n

Artificial Insemination (AI)

The insertion of a sperm sample inside the female genital tract by artificial means. Donor insemination (AID) refers to sperm from a man other than the woman's partner.


The complete absence of semen.

Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART)

A variety of procedures used to bring about conception without sexual intercourse, including IVF, and GIFT.


Low count of moving (motile) sperm.

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