Pregnancy Problems

Pregnancy problems can range from things like stretch marks and cellulite (which Robelyn Labs can help you address) to depression, sleeplessness, bed rest, diabetes, pain, swelling, and more. We are not physicians here, but we do have some veteran mommies, and we do our research. Your doctor should ALWAYS be your primary source of information, but we think it's also helpful to see what some others have experienced, and how they dealt with it.

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The Internet and Pregnancy Advice

The Internet and Pregnancy Advice

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Stretch mark suffers unite - options abound!

It use to be that if you became pregnant and developed stretch marks you had to grin and bear them for the rest of your life. But no longer. Today there are plenty of options that have proven to be effective at not only preventing stretch marks but also in reducing the appearance or completely removing them.

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Pregnancy Doesn’t Have to Make You Fat

As a general rule you will want to gain about 2 to 4 pound in your first 3 months of pregnancy and then 1 to 1.5 pounds a week thereafter. Of course its important to consult your physician because everyone is different so they will know best what the optimal weight gain for you is personally.

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Maternity Skin Care

There are a lot of things to consider while pregnant and one of them is how to care for your skin during this period of time. Your body is going to change and the increase in hormones can cause problems with your skin that you never had before. So what do you do?

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Varicose veins and pregnancy

Your body goes through a lot of changes while pregnant. Chemical and physical changes will cause odd things to happen and one of these things could be varicose veins. These small not so good looking purple veins up and down your legs and possibly other unmentionable areas could be a part of what your pregnancy will be like.

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What can I do about my stretch marks?

Striae (stretch marks) generally occur after periods of rapid weight change or hormonal changes typical during puberty, pregnancy, or bodybuilding. Stretch marks can also be caused by certain medical conditions (e.g., Marfan syndrom, Cushing

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Be Proud of Your Tiger Stripes! But if You

I may be attracted to the idea that my scars are proud badges of honor. The fact is that there is no way on this planet I would ever prance around proudly exposing those scars and roaring to bring attention to them. In fact I do whatever possible to hide them.

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Common skin conditions that occur during pregnancy

During pregnancy a women's body is changing dairly, here's a number of skin related conditions you may encounter during your pregnancy.

It’s summer. You’re pregnant. It’s hot. You’re miserable.
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It’s summer. You’re pregnant. It’s hot. You’re miserable.

When you’re pregnant during the summer months it can be extra uncomfortable. The addition of higher temperatures and humidity simply add to the level of discomfort.