Dermectin Versus Elastin3 Stretch Mark Therapies

Dermectin doesn't contain crucial skin building block ingredients elastin and collagen. Elastin3 is formulated with the highest potency of elastin, collagen, and soy available.



Contains the highest potency of Elastin, Collagen, and Soy available to reduce, repair, and prevent the appearance of stretch marks and scars Does not contain skin's naturally produced healing ingredients - elastin and collagen
Developed and safe for use by men and women of all ages, especially pregnant and/or nursing women. Not for use by anyone under 18 years old unless directed by a doctor.
Will not irritate sensitive skin Test on small area to determine if extreme redness/rash or itching occurs.
Safe for use before, during, and after pregnancy Not for use by pregnant or nursing mothers.
Formulated exclusively for stretch marks Primarily used wrinkle cover up
100% Guaranteed visible results Not guaranteed

Safe, effective maternity skin care

Robelyn's pledge 100% satisfaction or your money back Robelyn Labs is a cosmeceutical company specializing in the research and development of leading edge maternity skin care products. At Robelyn Labs we believe superior products can be developed without regard to manufacturing costs to meet the needs of our customers. Our top position in the industry along with our strategic partnerships with other cosmeceutical companies allows us to continue to develop, manufacture and market the highest quality products for healthy skin as well as a better quality of life before, during and after pregnancy.

Our standards:

All Robelyn products are manufactured in a cosmeceutical production facility – in compliance with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

The quality and satisfaction of each of our products are unconditionally guaranteed.We are so confident in our products and their ability to restore, heal and enhance the skin that if it does not work for you in 60 days, we will give you 100%of your money back! Guaranteed! We pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service. It is second to none.

Compare Robelyn Labs Elastin3 Stretch Mark Therapy to the Competition

Ingredients Elastin3 StriVectin Bella B Mederma TriLastin Revitol Palmers
Regu®-Stretch Yes No No No No No No
Elastin Concentrate Yes No No No No No No
Hydrolyzed Collagen Yes No No No Yes No No
Complex Soy Extract Yes No No No Yes No No

“This product is phenomenal. I have been using it for about a month and the results are unbelievable.…”

~Valerie Stiles