ElastinMD Physician Strength Stretch Mark Therapy Sell Sheet

ElastinMD eradicates even the most severe stretch marks - new or old. Eliminating stretch marks is achieved by healing and restoring the skin. ElastinMD is a potent formulation that contains a new weapon in the battle against stretch marks. ElastinMD contains Vanistryl® – a peptide complex that attacks stretch marks from multiple angles: By inhibiting the degradation of the “building block” components of the skin and reducing tension in the skin, ElastinMD protects the connective tissue from further degradation. This peptide formulation also stimulates elastin and collagen formation, and provides healing properties that help regenerate the damaged components of the dermis.

“I love this product. Every time I'm invited to a baby shower I order one and give it as a gift.”

~Betty D