Stretch Marks For Men Are on the Rise

Stretch Marks For Men Are on the Rise

We usually think of stretch marks as a problem for women. But skin is skin and any kind of rapid growth, weight gain, or muscle mass gain which causes stretching of the skin can cause them. Following the trend of more men trying to bulk up and look more muscular (perhaps inspired by their favorite on screen super hero), stretch marks in men are also on the rise.

Following the advice of fitness magazines that have fast build workouts to get their muscles big quickly is increasing the instances of stretch marks occurring. This has caused an increase in men searching for the cure to stretch marks.

For men, the most susceptible area when they work out is under the arms and where their chest muscles meet their shoulder muscles. This is the area of their body that tends to expand the most when bulking up quickly.

What should men do when trying to get buff?

The best advice to combat stretch marks is to try prevent them from ever occurring. While getting big quick may be the desire, the fact is that you can and should bulk up slowly. A good rule of thumb is to not gain more then 1-2 pounds a week. This while also strengthening your skin’s elasticity by using a topical cream such as Robelyn Labs Elastin3 Advanced Stretch Mark Therapy gives you a chance at preventing the development of these unsightly marks.

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