Bill McConnell

Bill has always been interested in biology and science. For a time, he even wanted to be a doctor. But eventually he veered into marketing, working with several early cosmeceutical startups. A mutual friend eventually referred Bill to Robelyn just as his wife got pregnant with their first child. Which came in handy, as his wife experienced every pregnancy “annoyance” imaginable.

With a growing family, the travel and long hours involved in his current job took their toll. When he got the opportunity to work for Robelyn Labs, he realized he could put his work and life experiences to good use in helping to develop and market maternity skin care products.

Bill is a happily-married father of three – and yes, he sometimes gets his wife’s input about maternity skin care and other issues related to pregnancy and motherhood. She’s happy to help, as Robelyn’s products have helped her keep her skin stretch mark and problem free throughout her last two most pregnancies.

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