Elaine Swires

Elaine worked for many years in customer service and then eventually moved into human resources. She was happily climbing the corporate ladder until a wonderful change coerced her to jump off. She was happily pregnant and joyously delivered her daughter a few months later.

She stumbled upon Robelyn looking for some help with her stretch marks. When she called to learn more about our products she actually ended up speaking with our owner Bob. He was immediately struck with her personality and after only a short conversation asked if she wanted a job.

As a new mom, she was busy raising her child, but with some coaxing and the offer of a flexible schedule and the opportunity to work remotely things eventually worked out. For several years she’s been helping Robelyn grow and expand - doing a little of everything - and enjoying as much time as possible with her daughter.

e: elaine@robelynlabs.com
p: 856.616.1109