Sore Breasts and Pregnancy

As you may well know becoming pregnant brings forth a multitude of changes in our bodies. If your breasts have gotten to a point where if your mate simply looks at them you may use your eye laser beams to incinerate them. Don’t worry its all completely normal. It’s also one of the first and most common signs that you are pregnant.

Having sore breasts usually occurs within the first few weeks of becoming pregnant. It may even occur before you realize that you are pregnant, although let me just say sore breasts alone do not definitively indicate pregnancy. You must take a test to be sure of that. There are many things that can make our breasts become sore but the major contributor during pregnancy is none other then our favorite womanhood friend the hormone.

When you become pregnant your body will increase hormones which wreak havoc throughout our body, causing weird emotions, strange bodily issues, and all kinds of side effect which make us feel like our bodies are becoming aliens that we are trapped inside. Most symptoms you will have during your pregnancy are going to be cause by annoying but purposeful hormones.

It’s not only the hormones. Since your body is preparing to care for your baby your breasts will have an increase in blood flow, your milk glands will begin to multiply, and the fat layer in them increases causing swelling that can make our breasts sensitive to the touch. It’s all part of the process.

If you are looking for relief, the good news is that the surge of hormones helping to cause the sore breasts usually calms down by the second trimester. So you may not have to suffer long. Though of course some women...probably you (murphy’s law).... continue to experience discomfort throughout the pregnancy. In this case it may be helpful to consult a professional bra fitter and get an expert fitting. Purchase a supportive bra with a small amount of room to grow. Your cup size will continue to increase as milk ducts and milk-producing cells form throughout your pregnancy. Underwire bras are not recommended. This will help at least to tame the pain.

Jul 30, 2013
By: gemma

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