Getting Sleep While Pregnant

Getting Sleep While Pregnant

Getting proper rest is very important while you are pregnant. After all once baby comes sleep will be a distant memory, so resting up in the months prior while your body works hard to create the life inside should be a priority.  However with all the discomfort and changes you might find you are having a harder time then usual getting the sleep you need.

I’m so tired but I still can’t sleep

During your first trimester your body ramps up your metabolism, taxing your body for the energy to increase blood production and a to begin making the necessary changes that sustain the new life inside you. This can take a lot of your bodies energy to do, making you feel exhausted. There are many other things that may prevent getting a sound sleep such as, nausea and vomiting, frequent urination, anxiety, back pain, leg cramps, shortness of breath and heartburn.

What can I do?

There is no cure all to ensure that you will always get a good nights sleep but there are things you can do that will help mitigate some things that may cause issues with sleep.

Get comfortable: to minimize discomfort while sleeping you can favor your left side. Studies have shown that sleeping on your left will improve blood flow to you and your baby. It’s not a problem if you end up switching positions in the night, however starting out on your left side with bent knees can prove beneficial. Use lots of pillows to prop and give you support where you need it during the night. If you can elevate the head of your bed it may help relieve any heartburn or snoring you may be experiencing.

Routine: Keep a sleep schedule and stick to it. Our bodies adjust and tend to set up a clock of sorts that tell it when it should be resting and when it should be awake. By keeping a regular sleep schedule you will find it easier to fall asleep and have more energy when you are awake.  Disrupting that schedule will disrupt that natural sleep cycle.

Eat healthy:  Not only is eating healthy important for baby, but a healthy diet can help improve energy levels while awake. Also, eating small but frequent meals that avoid fried & spicy foods will help prevent heartburn.

Keep active: Regular physical activity is recommended while pregnant. Exercise is safe and can help prevent excess weight gain, leg cramping and boost energy while pregnant. Stretching and relaxation breathing techniques will help calm you and may help prevent leg cramping. There are things to keep in mind when exercising while pregnant and we’ve mentioned them in our Safe Exercise Checklist. You can also find the benefits of Yoga in our post Why is Yoga Good For Pregnant Women, however make sure you check with your healthcare provider before beginning any exercise routine.

Environment: Keep the environment you are trying to sleep in peaceful, dark, and cool. If the air is dry have a humidifier to make breathing more comfortable.

Aug 19, 2013
By: michelle

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