Is it safe to exercise while pregnant?

Is it safe to exercise while pregnant?

Unless your doctor has advised against activity, which is rare, then the answer is an emphatic yes. Exercise during pregnancy is highly beneficial for you and the baby. Even if you were sedentary prior to becoming pregnant and suddenly have the strong desire to take better care of yourself (which isn’t unusual) - exercise is still a good idea. And if you were already a fan of exercise, you can continue on, with probably only a few adjustments over the course of your pregnancy.

First, always seek you doctor’s opinion before starting an exercise program, especially when you’re pregnant. But baring any complications he’ll probably recommend lower impact exercise.

Walking while pregnant

Walking is probably the easiest exercise to implement or continue. Taking a brisk walk for 30 to 60 minutes can do wonders for your overall stamina, especially during the last trimester. It can even be split up into 15 minute chunks if you become tired or breathless easily. Walking is low-impact, helps burn some extra calories that cravings can add-on, and it takes you outside into the fresh air. Just avoid excessive humidity or heat.

Swimming during pregnancy

Another terrific exercise is swimming. Buoyancy can be a girl’s best friend during the later stages of pregnancy. It offers all the benefits of aerobic activity while avoiding the difficulty or pain extra pregnancy weight can cause. You can often find classes at your local community or fitness center targeting pregnant women.

Resistance Training while pregnant

There use to be some hesitancy about weight training while pregnant due to the natural loosening of the ligaments. But this has been debunked and most doctors will OK resistance training - if done in moderation and with proper precautions. So if you were a gym rat before becoming pregnant, there’s no need to forgo your workouts - just take it easy.

Aerobics or Yoga during maternity

You’ll find your fitness center probably offers ample mommy-to-be fitness classes. Either low-impact aerobics or yoga. Yoga has become very popular in the US during pregnancy. The west may be discovering the benefits of the gentle resistance and flexibility that yoga offers - along with it’s calming essence.

Exercises to avoid while pregnant

Any high-impact or risky sports should be avoided. Contact sports, exercises that risk trauma to the abdomen or that involve the potential for falls, bouncing, or jarring movements should not be undertaken. So stay off the trampoline and skip playing football. Basically, if you have any concern, you’ll probably want to avoid it until you’re able to talk with your doctor.

But there’s still plenty you and your growing baby can do to keep active and healthy. So shed the myth about avoiding exercise while pregnant and get out and enjoy yourself. Just keep it light and moderate. Exercise can provide you with more energy and keep your weight under control - the same as when you’re not pregnant. So get up and start moving.

Apr 16, 2013
By: darla

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