Is it possible to tattoo over stretch marks?

Is it possible to tattoo over stretch marks?

It used to be that tattoos were mostly found on musicians and motorcycle gangs. But tattooing has come a long way: there are many talented tattoo artists, and more and more people are getting tattooed. From professionals to soccer moms, more people are finding that tattoos are no longer taboo.

One trend is using tattoos to conceal "undesirable" marks on the skin. From burn scars to discoloration to stretch marks, people are looking for ways to make something beautiful out of something not-so-attractive.

How does stretched skin handle ink?

It seems there are some differing opinions on the subject of tattooing over stretch marks. As we all know, stretch marks are scars - damaged skin. And, as tattooing is an art, the outcome of the piece is somewhat dependent on the integrity of the canvas - in this case, the skin.

Stretch marks have a tendency to bleed more, and because the tissue is damaged, the ink molecules are likely to migrate (or bleed) into the surrounding skin. Sometimes, dermabrasion or other skin rejuvenation techniques can help better "prepare" the skin for the tattooing process, but they're not a guaranteed solution. And, of course, the severity of the stretch marks definitely plays a role in how well the skin will take the ink.

If you are considering a tattoo to camouflage your stretch marks, there are several steps to take. First, find an artist with good references, and preferably, experience tattooing over stretched or scarred skin. A good tattoo artist will be honest and tell you if they feel the skin is too damaged to tattoo well. Second, work together with your artist to design a tattoo that will work with the stretch marks, rather than simply hiding them. And, third, if your stretch marks are, in fact, due to pregnancy, it might be a good idea to wait to get that tattoo until after you are done having children. Getting a good tattoo over stretch marks may not be an easy proposition to begin with: it will likely make things really difficult for you if you stretch the skin again after getting your tattoo.

Jun 30, 2013
By: serena jones

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