Stretch Marks

Some see stretch marks as an inevitable part of pregnancy. Robelyn Labs has done our research, and created topical stretch mark therapy and treatments for use before, during, and after pregnancy. We are constantly researching how we can better help our clients prevent stretch marks, or get rid of the stretch marks they already have - even if they've had them for years. We work hard to clear up misconceptions and to provide our customers, and everyone who visits our site, with the latest information, and some of our experiences, and experiences that have been shared with us.

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Common skin conditions that occur during pregnancy

During pregnancy a women's body is changing dairly, here's a number of skin related conditions you may encounter during your pregnancy.

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Can stretch marks be removed?

It’s not necessary to undergo a surgeon’s scalpel. There are new, abundant alternatives, from laser treatments to new, potent topical treatments.

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The Myth of Eating For Two

A healthy, balanced diet is especially important during pregnancy: you need to nourish yourself, as well as providing for your developing baby. You shouldn't eat all you want and gain tons of weight.

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How do I remove stretch marks

Today if you have stretch marks the choices for treatment and eradication are numerous.

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Bathing suit season approaches….

Spring is nigh...and for many it’s not the few extra pounds accrued over winter... it’s having to reveal and look at their ugly stretch marks when wearing a swimsuit.

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Stretch mark treatments: topical creams versus laser resurfacing

Which works better for reducing the appearance of stretch marks, topical creams or laser resurfacing?

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What is a stretch mark?

What are stretch marks? How do they form? And how do you get rid of them?