What To Pack For The Hospital On Delivery Day

What To Pack For The Hospital On Delivery Day

If you are anything like me, you’ve got packing down to a science. Knowing what to pack for an overnight stay anywhere is second nature to me. But planning to pack for this trip is somewhat different. You won’t be going anywhere and you’ll be going as one person and on return you will be two people. Not to mention there will be a lot of need to get your mind on other things either from boredom or from a pain. Let’s face it the only thing you really need is you and your adjacent baby belly. But taking along a few things to help make the situation a lot more comfortable is advisable.

For Your Stay

  1. Paperwork - You’re ID and Insurance information and any other important health papers that your doctors will need to see for your care.

  2. Toiletries - not going to go to much into this you know what you’ll need. But think about also bringing along waterless toothbrushes to freshen up for visitors. Bringing make-up is up to you. You might not even feel like getting pretty but some women might feel naked without it and there is something to be said about looking decent for those first baby pictures. Nothing wrong with it...do what makes you feel best.

  3. Your own pillow - I don’t know about you but I simply am not comfortable in any place without my own pillow... so bring it along. No one will mind.

  4. Slippers or flip flops - I actually prefer just socks rather then slippers but you could also bring flip flops that can be worn in the shower. Either way something for your feet. They will provide you with hospital socks but in my mind they are pretty inadequate.

  5. Robe and nursing gown - or just a night gown. This is also optional. Depending on your likes and dislikes you might just be most comfortable staying in your hospital gown.

  6. Nursing bra and pads - Even if you aren’t planning on breast feeding I highly recommend investing in one of these. Whether you decide to breast feed or not your milk is going to come in. Nursing bras provide easy access to replace nursing pads and their very adjustable to allow for expansion.

  7. Throw away undies - Your down there parts are going to be a hot mess after giving birth. Bring along some comfortable granny panties that you won’t mind burning after the ordeal.

  8. Your own maxi pads - The hospital will provide you with their own versions of these, but believe me they seem to have not changed design from the 1940s or 50s. Just make sure you bring a heavy flow overnight style of pad in case you have heavy bleeding.

  9. Camera - I think this one is pretty self explanatory.

  10. Cellphone and charger - If the hospital staff frowns on using your cell phone that’s ok a smart phone can provide you with hours of entertainment to get your mind off the pain or just pass the time while waiting for things to happen. But you’ll also want to make sure there is some way you can get the word out to family once the little one makes their appearance. You could also bring your tablet computer or e-reader. Just make sure not to forget the charger.

  11. Something comforting - A lot of people recommend bringing an image or item for you to look at and focus on while you are going through hard labor. For me it was a stuffed animal. I took pleasure in beating on it, or hugging it tight when things got really painful.

  12. Things to read and do - I’ve already mentioned the e-readers and tablets, but you could also bring magazines or books. For my sister-in-laws birth we actually brought in a board game so we could all play something together while we waited for things to get on their way (It think it was boggle). Labor can be quick or it can be really long. All of your support people will be climbing the walls too.

  13. Sucking candy or gum - Hospitals are pretty dry and for the most part the only thing they will give you for relief is a cup of ice. Bringing along some Life Savors can be a life savor if you know what I mean.

  14. Snacks - Not to knock hospital food but you might just want something besides that to nibble on. I remember actually sending my husband out for an italian hoagie after my second child. I couldn’t actually eat it once it got there but in my mind I was starving for anything but what they were giving me. Try something lighter like crackers or basic cookies.

For Going Home and Baby Care

  1. Comfortable outfit - Not a pre-pregnancy outfit, you wont be there yet and most likely will be a little swollen. Bring a comfortable maternity outfit to go home in.

  2. Baby’s clothes - You will want to be practical here. There are a lot of elaborate outfits for babies out there. A simple gown is all baby needs. You can get one that has the protective mittens built right in to keep baby from scratching at their face.

  3. Baby’s hat - a lot of hospitals provide this but its important to keep baby warm and that’s the primary reason for having them.

  4. Pacifier - If you are determined not to use these then you don’t have to. But for those who are unsure you should know that the baby might have a say on whether they will even take to it, however they are small and will fit in the bag pretty easy. Tossing one in just in case is fine.

  5. Receiving blankets - I love these things... for swaddling, or burp cloth, or shielding. I always had a ton of these on hand for whatever I needed them for. So pack a few for the stay and trip home.

  6. Car seat - Don’t think you’re getting out of the hospital without one of these, unless you are walking home which i doubt they’d let you do either... so make sure you have one before you leave.

Feb 10, 2013
By: laney

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