Pregnancy’s lingering side effects can be reversed

Pregnancy’s lingering side effects can be reversed

Mom’s-to-be and new mommies often are so happy to give birth and to start cherishing their new bundles of joy, that they sometimes forget about the lingering side effects of pregnancy. After all, not everyone is a freak-of-nature, like starlets and super models that give birth and weeks later appear on cat walks and in bikinis.

For the mere mortal mommies it can be a struggle to regain their former figures. Skin conditions that reared up during pregnancy can take a while to subside. And sagging skin, cellulite, and stretch marks can be the daily reminders of your 9 month miracle.

Many new moms avoid mirrors and instead dedicate themselves to caring for their newborn and further neglect themselves. It’s tough enough skirting by on little or no sleep - but pampering or caring for yourself may not be at the forefront of your mind.

Stretch Marks don’t have to be forever

The sooner your begin a regimen to treat and eradicate stretch marks the better. Assuming you weren’t using a prevention cream - twice daily application of a stretch mark reversal cream (such as Elastin3) will help to quickly reduce the appearance of stretch marks. By using a stretch mark cream shortly after birth, your skin is still in the process of healing itself and returning to normal. These healing effects can be magnified by specialized lotions - that hydrate and restore the skin’s vital nutrients (i.e., Elastin and Collagen).

Cellulite can be treated

The best treatments for cellulite is healthy eating, daily exercise, and specialized lotions that help to coerce cellulite to “go-away”. But eating well and getting the proper exercise isn’t always possible. So sometimes you need the cellulite creams to do more work. Fortunately, science has come to the rescue. Many new peptides and ingredient combinations are proving very effective at reducing or eliminating the appearance of cellulite.

Sagging skin

You’ve grown a whole other person inside your body. And then spent hours (or days) delivering them to the world. You’ve performed a miracle. But what’s your thanks? Bloating that translates into sagging, slackened skin as you start to lose your baby weight. Sometimes this can be severe enough that surgery is the only solution. But for most, special firming creams and lotions can do wonders to help the skin return to it’s former tautness.

Expecting moms, new mommies, and mommy pros don’t have to suffer lingering effects. Today’s modern cosmeceuticals are generations beyond your mom’s cocoa and shea butter solutions. Nano particles, peptide blends, antioxidants, and more now show tremendous results in treating the maternity issues. You don’t have to suck-it-up and accept the end-results of “mommy-dom” - you can fight back and see excellent results.

Feb 25, 2013
By: darla

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