Really bad belly stretch marks? We can help.

Really bad belly stretch marks? We can help.

One of the most frequent questions our customer service teams receives is “will this work on my really bad belly stretch marks?” Of course we answer, “Yes! And if you’re not satisfied, you can always return it.” Boastful? Nope, we’re simply confident that our product formulas can – and do – make a difference.

How can we be so positive? Because we’ve used it ourselves and likely we’ve tormented family and friends during each product’s development. So even before we go through actual scientific clinical studies we’re confident in what results to expect.

Pregnancy can wreak havoc on your body

The miracle of creating life is magical, but it can also be stressful on your body. And with each successive pregnancy the chances of developing stretch marks or worsening existing ones increases. The skin can only stretch so far before its underlying structure tears and scars – unless you’re helping to reduce this stress.

This is where Robelyn Labs focuses our efforts. We’re constantly trying to find new, safe ingredients that can affect the lower layers of the dermis to soothe and heal stressed skin. It’s why recently we’ve reformulated our very popular Elastin3 and created the even more potent ElastinMD. Elastin3 is now focused on boosting and stabilizing the skin’s collagen and elastin before and during your pregnancy to prevent stretch marks from forming. While ElastinMD includes the latest peptides developed to correct skin damaged with severe stretch marks – yes, even bad belly stretch marks.

Newly reformulated Elastin3 and New ElastinMD is why we’re confident we can help prevent or eliminate bad belly stretch marks and why our customer service team always answers “Yes!”.

Feb 02, 2014
By: serena jones

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