Bad stretch marks? Now what?

Bad stretch marks? Now what?

Just a few years ago you had very few options if you suffered from really bad stretch marks. There was surgery or laser treatments or simply learning to live with your skin’s ugly striae. Fortunately today, advances in peptides and the discovery of new advanced skin care ingredients have opened up a world of possible treatments.

Peptides offer remarkable results

Peptides originally gained popularity in the anti-aging market. But it wasn’t long before users discovered they had other uses. Researchers also began to experiment with what powerful peptide complexes could achieve. Peptides, simple chains of amino acids, have opened up a world of possibilities in medicine and skin care. Amino acids (peptides) are the basic building blocks of our organs; including our skin. So it’s understandable why delivering peptides to the skin can have profound, beneficial effects.

Robelyn’s formulas often include powerful peptides

Our mantra is advanced maternity skin care. It has to be safe and effective. So we spend a lot of time investigating and evaluating the latest developments in skin care ingredients; specifically peptides. Our newest product, for cellulite, includes a proven peptide complex that helps to reduce or reverse the appearance of cellulite dimpled skin. Similarly our Elastin3 includes peptides in its formula that help to prevent the formation of stretch marks. And we have a few, even more potent peptide-based products in the pipeline - but they’re currently undergoing testing for six to twelve months - to ensure they’re both safe and effective.

You no longer have to live with bad stretch marks

The good news though is that you no longer have to suffer with or learn to live with bad looking stretch marks. And you don’t have to incur the risks of surgery or the expense and repeated sessions of laser resurfacing. Today, topical skin care solutions abound, and they include the latest advances in peptide ingredients.

Try Elastin3 - it has a 60-Day Money-back Guarantee

Of course, figuring out which new formula will work for your skin type can be time consuming, depressing, and expensive. However, we understand that not every product works for everyone - and we genuinely feel bad when things don’t work out - that’s why we offer a sixty day money-back guarantee. So essentially, you can try Elastin3 or our other products for sixty days - risk free.

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