We all know what pregnancy is, but not everyone is aware of all that pregnancy can entail. What better than some veteran mommies who can share some of their experiences – and maybe make another mother-to-be feel a bit less alone in what she's going through. Pregnancy can be amazing – but sometimes a little perspective is appreciated.

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Safe Excercise Checklist

Once upon a time, pregnant moms were told to keep off their feet and avoid exercise, but today's experts say quite the contrary. "Exercise is great. I recommend it," 'says Sara Duhn, a nurse practitioner in the San Francisco Bay Area with more than 20 years experience. Walking is a good mom-to-be workout, but marathon runners and other fitness fans need not downsize to strolling. Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind:

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What acne treatments can I safely use while I’m pregnant?

If you're wary about putting anything on your face that might endanger your baby, keep it natural and leave your skin as is, knowing it will clear up eventually. Once those hormones stop raging, so will your acne