What acne treatments can I safely use while I’m pregnant?

Your hormones are surging like a teenager's, so it's no surprise your skin is acting out. The increased estrogen and progesterone surge of pregnancy may exacerbate acne explains experts. But the big concern is what you can do about it. If you're wary about putting anything on your face that might endanger your baby, keep it natural and leave your skin as is, knowing it will clear up eventually. Once those hormones stop raging, so will your acne

If you've just got to do something about the bumps, Experts suggests acne treatments with benzoyl peroxide as a safe and effective option. Pick a gentle cleanser that's right for your skin type and wash your face morning and night. Be sure to also remove all makeup before going to bed. Don't scrub or rub while washing, as it can inflame already aggravated skin. You should also use a good moisturizer, since overly dry skin can get irritated and break out. And make sure you choose cosmetics labeled as non-comedogenic, which won't clog pores or cause breakouts. Try to resist the temptation to pick at or pop blemishes doing so can lead to scars, which last a lot longer than a pimple.

Feb 11, 2009
By: linda

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