Pregnancy Hot Flashes

Pregnancy Hot Flashes

Hot flashes affect more than half of pregnant women, yet we don’t often hear about these “pregnancy hot flashes.”

Hot flashes during pregnancy occur for the exact same reason they occur during menopause: Fluctuating hormone levels (mainly estrogen). During pregnancy, hormones are soaring and causing a myriad of changes in your body; it’s not surprising that a majority of expectant mothers experience hot flashes/hormonal surges.

Are pregnancy hot flashes dangerous? 

Just like a menopausal hot flash, a pregnancy-related hot flash can be extremely uncomfortable, but typically harmless. Regardless, it’s always a good idea to make your doctor aware if you are experiencing hot flashes or night sweats: sometimes fevers or high blood pressure is the culprit, and can indicate a condition that requires medical intervention. But, for the mose part, hot flashes are just another part of pregnancy.

What can I do to alleviate pregnancy hot flashes? 

As with almost all other pregnancy discomforts, a healthy, balanced diet, and moderate, appropriate physical activity can go a long way toward alleviating hot flashes. Keep ice water nearby, and avoid caffeine and spicy food. Make accommodations at home and/or work to keep cool (air conditioning, fans, etc.).

Will the hot flashes stop after I have the baby? 

After delivery, and during breastfeeding, hormone levels are still fluctuating wildly, so it’s common for the hot flashes to continue for several months. Again, proper diet and exercise can help alleviate hot flashes and other symptoms of hormonal surges.

Robelyn Labs has introduced “Cool Mama” Relief Spray to help combat hot flashes and hormonal surges. Cool Mama Cooling Relief Spray is formulated with natural ingredients such as lavender and peppermint oil to combat the “flush” experienced during a hot flash or hormonal surge. Applied to the base of the neck at the first sign of a hot flash, Cool Mama Cooling Relief Spray can stop or reduce the severity of the hot flash. This hormone-free spray can be used to cool down anytime – just a few spritzes are all you need.

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