Can Belly Bands Prevent Stretch Marks?

Belly bands have a variety of uses. They can be worn during the “in-between” of regular clothes and maternity clothes, provide support for the back to ease aches and pains, be used post partum to help support our midsection as it heals, and help smooth things out under our clothing. But can they actually help prevent the formation of stretchmarks during pregnancy?

The theory sounds like it might hold some water at first. After all if we are supporting to our belly, that will be less stress put on our skin right? Possibly. But the fact is that there are many factors to consider in what causes stretchmarks in the first place. Genetic disposition, hydration, skin elasticity, and rate of growth all play roles in whether you will get stretchmarks. There is no one answer to solve the problem.

We can do our best to try and prevent these pesky marks by taking many actions:

  • Find a good skin therapy cream such as Elastin3, which is formulated to specifically prevent stretch marks and is safe for use during pregnancy and apply it.
  • Staying hydrated keeps your skin cells plump and helps them recover after the stress of being stretched
  • Exercise will actually increase the elasticity of your skin by increasing its bloodflow.
  • Work with your doctor to try and gain your weight gradually rather then all at once.

No. A belly band cannot guarantee prevention of stretchmarks, but there is no definitive way to prevent them, and there is no definitive proof that it can’t help.

Nov 16, 2013
By: gemma

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