Advanced Maternity Skin Care

At Robelyn Labs, we pride ourselves on offering advanced maternity skin care that’s both safe and effective. Our products are developed to address and treat the specific skin care needs of mothers and mothers-to-be.

Elastin3 Advanced Stretch Mark

Elastin3 is a fast absorbing lotion with Regu®-Stretch clinically proven to prevent/reduce stretch marks. This treatment also contains elastin, collagen and soy protein to firm and tighten, giving a more youthful appearance. Safe for use before, during and after pregnancy, or anytime stretch mark prevention is needed.

Reg: $59.95
Sale: $49.95

ElastinMD Stretch Mark Repair

ElastinMD reduces existing stretch marks with Vanistryl®, a peptide complex that has been clinically proven to penetrate deep into tissue, providing a wound-healing effect.

Reg: $69.95
Sale: $59.95

Cellulite Prevention & Treatment

Robelyn's Cellulite Prevention & Treatment pro-liposomal peptide complex helps to scavenge cellular detritus while improving microcirculation and inhibiting adipocyte maturation. The result – cellulite formation is prevented and existing cellulite is markedly and visibly reduced.

Reg: $69.95
Sale: $59.95

VariClear Varicose Vein Lotion

A safe and effective treatment for varicose veins and spider veins without the dangers of invasive surgery. This lotion can not only strengthen vein walls; it can help boost circulation and diminish the appearance of varicose and spider veins.

Reg: $39.95

Cool Mama Relief Spray

Hot Mama Cooling Relief Spray is formulated with natural ingredients such as lavender and peppermint oil to combat the “flush” experienced during a hot flash or hormonal surge. Applied to the base of the neck at the first sign of a hot flash, Hot Mama Cooling Relief Spray can stop or reduce the severity of the hot flash.

Reg: $19.95

Melumin Brown Spot Corrector and Lightener Treatment

Lightens appearance of Brown Spots & Evens Skin Tone

Reg: $24.95

Belly & Body Butter with Elastin & Collagen

Our Belly & Body Butter is creamier, smoother and richer than a lotion. As it soothes itchy bellies, it softens, smooths and helps improve skin texture and color tone all the while expanding the skins elasticity.

Reg: $16.95

Refreshing Foot Therapy Gel

Our Refreshing Foot Therapy Gel provides fast relief for sore, tired feet due to swelling and added weight gain from pregnancy. Experience a fresh, tingling comfort that brings relief to sore, weary, swollen feet.

Reg: $9.95

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Therapeutic Pain Relief Gel

Our unique, natural Therapeutic Pain Relief Gel is formulated specifically for expectant mothers and works to detoxify and provide clean, fast, odorless relief.

Reg: $9.95

Pregnancy Essentials Kit

Our Pregnancy Essentials Kit combines all our therapeutic and scientifically enhanced maternity treatments into a convenient small-sized set. Perfect as a first purchase or as a gift for another.

Reg: $39.95

Available Packages

ElastinMD - Buy One Get One Half Off

Buy One ElastinMD Stretch Mark Repair Cream and Get One Half Off! It's twice the stretch mark treatment at a great price!

Reg Price: $89.92

Elastin3 - Buy One Get One Half Off

Buy One Elastin3 Stretch Mark Cream and Get One Half Off! It's twice the stretch mark prevention at a great price!

Reg Price: $62.43

Cellulite Prevention & Treatment Cream - Buy One Get One Half Off

Buy One Robelyn's Cellulite Prevention & Treatment Cream and Get One Half Off! It's twice the cellulite prevention and fighting power at a great price!

Reg Price: $89.92

Elastin3 - Buy Two Get One Free [Classic Formula]

Elastin3 is formulated with advanced skin care ingredients and cutting-edge peptides. It contains the cosmecuetical-grade peptide Argireline along with high potency Elastin, Collagen and Soy.

Reg Price: $159.90

“I didn't really try this during my pregnancy but ordered it afterwards after someone in my Mommy and…”

~R. Johnson