Mar 31, 2014

Robelyn Labs Updates Elastin3, Creating a New Breakthrough in Stretch Mark Prevention

Cherry Hill, NJ - Robelyn Labs, LLC – a leader in advanced maternity skin care products – has reformulated its flagship product, Elastin3, to create an even more effective cellulite prevention therapy.

Robelyn has always been committed to giving mothers and expectant mothers the most effective skin care. As new stretch mark prevention ingredients became available, Robelyn reviewed and tested these ingredients to determine how they could make their product line even better. The result is the new and improved Elastin3 formula.

Elastin3 Advanced Stretch Mark Prevention Therapy contains Regu®-Stretch, a unique peptide complex that protects skin structure from tissue degradation, while stimulating the synthesis of collagen to prevent the formation of stretch marks.

Robert Walters, founder and president of Robelyn Labs explained the impetus for the reformulation, “Our continual research into ingredients that can help our clientele take care of their skin safely and effectively during and after pregnancy, led us to Regu®-Stretch as a powerful new addition to our product.”

Elastin3 is Robelyn’s top-selling product – with professional accolades and customer praise. “We are excited about this improved version of Elastin3. But for existing fans, it’s important to note that the new formulation is still gentle and effective – and now it’s also paraben-free,” stated Walters.

With the refocusing of Elastin3 on preventing the formation of stretch marks, Robelyn was then able to create a more potent corrective formula for stretch marks – new ElastinMD. It’s a “dynamic duo” that can help prevent stretch marks, or help remove new or existing stretch marks.

Robelyn Labs specializes in offering safe, effective maternity skin care products intended to alleviate or remedy common skin or body issues and discomfort which occur during and after pregnancy. Robelyn’ s best-of-class products utilize the latest skin care ingredients in formulas that offer results and universal benefits. Formulated for sensitive skin, our products are perfect for use by almost anyone – young or old, women or men, with conditions such as stretch marks. Information on the company and its products can be found at

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