Apr 10, 2014

Robelyn Labs Develops ElastinMD to Eradicate Stubborn Stretch Marks

Cherry Hill, NJ - Robelyn Labs, LLC has introduced ElastinMD, an intensive stretch mark repair treatment that is clinically proven to eradicate even the most stubborn stretch marks.

Robelyn Labs has been a leader in advanced maternity skin care products since its inception in 2005. With the recent reformulation of its flagship product, Elastin3, to include a new peptide formulation that focuses on preventing the formation of stretch marks, Robelyn wanted to develop a product that would specifically treat even the most persistent stretch marks.

“We listen to our customers,” said Robert Walters, founder and president of Robelyn Labs. “Many women told us that they’ve had stretch marks for years, and they felt they had tried everything, but nothing was working. So we wanted to formulate a product that would remove even the most difficult stretch marks.”

Robelyn’s research led them to Vanistryl® – a peptide complex that attacks stretch marks from multiple angles. By inhibiting the degradation of the “building block” components of the skin and reducing tension in the skin, ElastinMD protects the connective tissue from further degradation. ElastinMD also stimulates elastin and collagen formation, and provides healing properties that help regenerate the damaged components of the skin.

Walters continued, “With the reformulation of Elastin3 and new ElastinMD, we have created a “dynamic duo” that can help prevent stretch marks for mothers-to-be, and remove stretch marks for moms who thought they were out of options.”

Robelyn Labs specializes in offering safe, effective maternity skin care products intended to alleviate or remedy common skin or body issues and discomfort which occur during and after pregnancy. Robelyn’ s best-of-class products utilize the latest skin care ingredients in formulas that offer results and universal benefits. Formulated for sensitive skin, our products are perfect for use by almost anyone – young or old, women or men, with conditions such as stretch marks. Information on the company and its products can be found at www.robelynlabs.com.

“Thank you so much. I have been very pleased with your product for stretch marks. I also really appreciate…”

~Vanessa Giambalvo

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