Customer Testimonials

I tried this via after reading a blogger I follow mentioned it. And it worked well on my stretch marks from my first pregnancy.
~ Sally Mankleward
I love this product. Every time I'm invited to a baby shower I order one and give it as a gift.
~ Betty
I really enjoyed your belly butter. I don't really get stretch marks, but for some reason during pregnancy my skin got really dry and itchy. My belly was the worst. So I used Belly butter throughout and it seemed to help bunches. And it smells pretty and feels good going on too. So thanks.
~ Betty
When i was pregnant with twins, my first fear was stretch marks. i could not imagine the any where on my body. so I went on the internet searching, and found elastin 3. I got a tube when I was almost 4 months pregnant and had to buy another before I had the babies. I used it BID and finally had no stretch marks. You will never believed I had twins. After I had the babies I still had half a tube left and so I finished it. It is also good for recovery after pregnancy. Thanks Robelyn lab. I never knew I would say this about any lotion or cream but elastin 3 is awesome
~ Rosaline Achumuma
I had heard a lot about Elastin3 from my friends who had used it with good results. So when I   was finally ready to do something about my stretch marks I used Elastin3. I used it for 3 months and my stretch marks have all but disappeared. I am continuing to use it so that I don't get any new ones now that also trying to loss some weight.
~ Georgian Crysty
This product is phenomenal. I have been using it for about a month and the results are unbelievable. I had bad stretch marks from three previous pregnancies and I wanted a product to prevent further damage. I have no new stretch marks and the existing ones have greatly diminished. My stretch marks have been such an insecurity for me and I considered having surgery after the birth of this baby. If I continue to see such great results with this product than surgery will not be needed. This product has been such a blessing!!! I will definatley recommend it to all of my girlfriends
~ Valerie Stiles
so i started using elastin 3 because a friend recommended it, and i've been using it for 2 weeks now and i am ecstatic with the results that i have been telling everyone about it, i started seeing results in the first week of using it .. and my husband has also noticed the results ... he hasnt seen my stomach much after i had our child so when he said that its actually lightening up it made me even happier
~ Aimee Kinsey
I used Elastin 3 faithfully everyday for 5 weeks and really saw a change in my stretch marks. I am an African American female who has had stretch mark problems for quite some time now and not due to pregnancy. I'm glad it worked and it was well worth the $69.
~ Leah Thorpe
I love Elastin 3. My mother and both my sisters have severe stretch marks from pregnancy. I started using it when I found out I was pregnant. I don't have a single stretch mark even though I gained almost fifty pounds! Love it!
~ Sarah J

“I just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful product. I inherited stretch marks on my thighs despite…”

~Kerry Abraham